Rental car in Japan

You want to rent a car in Japan, but do not know where and how ?

You like to know what rental car companies are available on your trip location

You like to know what kind of car are available to rent at your visiting location.

You like to know the cost of rental car that you like to rent

You like to rent a car at the low cost

If you have those problems, we are here to support you.

Rent a car where foreigner can rent for Japan

1. cheap (budget) rental car

Ones rental car

Niko niko rental car

Rakunori rental car

omoshiro rental car budget rental car for sport car

J net rental

(some shops do not provide services to foreigners.)

2. foreign language speaking rental car

Times rental car

Nissan rental car

NISSAN Rent a Car (

Toyota rental car

Nippon rental car

3. classic rental car


Kanto ( Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, Kanagawa-Yokohama, Gunma)


5. Luxury car rental



Osaka Luxury car rental - Rental Car Japan - Cheap Japanese car hire (



Hokkaido Luxury car rental - Rental Car Japan - Cheap Japanese car hire (

6. long term car rental





Tokyo cheap weekly / monthly car rental - Rental Car Japan - Cheap Japanese car hire (

7. hakosuka car rental

8. RV (camping) car rental





9. Sightseeing taxi rental

10. sightseeing bus rental

Sightseeing bus or chartered bus in Japan - Rental Car Japan - Cheap Japanese car hire (

what we offer

Without knowing Japanese, it could be very difficult to tell the rental car company for what exactly you ant for renting a car in Japan. But with our support, you could know

1. what kind of car is available to rent at your planning location, and date and cost

We could show you many different type of car that you can rent

2. we could make a reservation on your favorite car and date

we could provide service even on during renting a car

If you have some problems during renting a car, we will provide you service.

Here is how it works

1. Before visiting to Japan, we could check where, how many persons, date and type of car is available to rent

2. If you decide which car you will rent at your planning location and date, I will make a reservation for you to the Japanese rental car company

3. the reservation result will be informed to you

4. If you have any requests or questions on your rental car, please let me know.

5. I will inform you of rules, process, location and others on your rental car.

Hope we could help your trip very enjoyable and fun with our support.