How it works on booking rental car in Japan for foreigner

This is how we work on your renting a car in Japan for foreigner.

1. Fill out application form

2. I will contact to you by Skype phone so that we could discuss in details of your car rental. Please explain what exactly you like or your requests for your car rental.  Once we agree, then I will submit your car rental request to car rental companies. If you prefer, I will submit the most suitable company information ( usually 2 ~ 3 companies ) in English to you.

You pay us our translation and service fee ( $10 per site )

3. You decide which rental company you like to use.

4. We fill out application form on the rental car and will inform the results of car rental in Japan.

5. If the reservation is completed by rental car company, we will inform to you with details of confirmation in English.

6. If you have any requests concerning on car rental in Japan, please contact me at any time.

Any advice are included.