Dear customers,

Thank you for visiting our site.
We have some announcement to make to customers.

We know it will be very inconvenient, but could you contact us by sending a message to

In a past we have received number of mails from customers claiming there is no response from us after sending a message by the contact form. 

Strange enough we have not received messages from those customers, which will cause some uncertainty on the contact form. 

The message contains some private information of the customer, which will cause a certain concern to us for the privacy of the customer.

We take this very seriously and decide to use only the direct method by using

By using Microsoft mail account, it will create more secure and stable circumstances for sending personal information to us.

We believe personal information is much importance than convenience, thus we believe customers will understand this time change in our contact method.

Thank you for your cooperation with us.

Sincerely Yours,

Yoshi Sakamoto