I have travelled many foreign countires, more than 70 times, including U.S.A ( both going to college and business trips), Canada, Costa Rica, most of South America, most of Asian countries including 1 year staying in Hochi Min city, Vietnam, more than 30 times to Russia and one time U.K for business trip.

So I am very familiar with visiting foreign countries and I have experiences in renting a car in U.S. In fact when you take business trip or sightseeing to U.S, renting a car is a must.

Unlike in Japan, there will be almost no public transportation is expected in U.S ( except N.Y city )and the land is so large. So when you move to somewhere in U.S, renting car is inevitable.

I am a very open-minded, out going, friendly, easy going, fluent in English and hard working person. If you need information or assistance on renting cars in Japan, I am always here to be your agent in Japan.

Yoshi Sakamoto