Classic car rental Kanto ( Kanawaga, Chiba, Saitama )

Are there any classic sports car rental in Kanto ( Yokohama, Chiba, Saitama, near Mt Fuji or near by so that I can experience in driving the Japanes classic sports car in Kanto ?

There are several classic sport car rental shops in those areas. Enjoy and fun to drive those Japanese classic sports cars.

1. Korinbo in Chiba

Rental plan Introduction of car type ( in Google translate

2. Fun to drive in Kanagawa(near MtFu

Fun2Drive JDM Car Rental and Tours in Japan near Mount Fuji ( in Engish

3. Auto shop CAT in Kanagawa

旧車専門店 オートショップCAT ホームページ - 絶版旧車 オートショップCAT ホームページ (

4. Omoshiro rent a car in Engish

Sports car open car specialized for rental cars OMOSHIRO RENT-A-CAR (

5. O55 drive introducing sports rental car shops in Japan

From GT-R to Hachiroku! Introducing 32 domestic sports car models and dealers that can be rented at once! | 55 drives ( in Google translate