Drift run in Ebisu-circuit

ドリフトスクール【DRIFT SCHOOL】ドリフト体験パック (driftschool-jp.com)

trial lesson experience

everything included, car rental, tires, course running, gas and instructor lesson

30,000yen for 1 hour

Drift Taxi (Drift experience)


An instructor shows drift drive while you seat next to the instructor. Up to 3 passengers will be allowed

45 minutes drift run

Fee : 45,000 Yen plus insurance fee 500 Yen per person

Drift school lesson

ドリフトスクール【DRIFT SCHOOL】ドリフトレッスン (driftschool-jp.com)

Private drift lesson with a rental car (tires and gas included )

Drift car in Ebisu-circuit

1 day 130,000 Yen

a half day 65,000 Yen

1 hour 30,000 Yemn

Ebisu drift festival

On each year, the drift festival will be held on Spring, Summer and Autumn at the Ebisu circuit.

This year 2023, it will be

Spring festival             April 29-30

Summer festival          August 19-20

Autumn festival           November 18-19

Viewing the festival

これぞドリフト祭り! まさかのクラッシュも・・・  Ebisu Circuit Spring drift Matsuri エビス春祭り - YouTube

1500 Yen to join the festival.

You can either join to run the circuit or just watch the events