Classic car rental near Tokyo

You may think and wonder "I want to rent a classic car and drive it", but Is there a specialty store in Tokyo? The fact is there is no rental car service for classic sport car in Tokyo, but there are several rental car shops near by Tokyo.

So we introduce those classic sport car rental shop near Tokyo.

1. Fun to drive in Engish

Fun2Drive JDM Car Rental and Tours in Japan near Mount Fuji (

2. Car rental Tokyo in Engish

車種管理 – レンタカー予約 (

3. Omoshiro rent a car in Engish

Sports car open car specialized for rental cars OMOSHIRO RENT-A-CAR (

4.. Rent a car Isuzu


ISUZU 117 Coupe

Up to 8 hours ( return the car the same day)  11,000

24 hours ( return the car on next day )  16,000

5. Kinto

Vintage Club by KINTO (

Type of rental car available

Vintage Club by KINTO

6. Rocky auto

レンタカー | Rocky Auto (ロッキーオート)

1 hour    8,000

6 hours  15,000

10 hours  19,000

24 hours  29,000

48 hours  39,000