car rental companies that foreigner can rent a car in Japan

Coming to Japan ? Well, it’s very nice and I hope you will enjoy it. I assume that you may be interested in renting a car in Japan.

Then you maybe wonder how can I rent a car in Japan as a foreigner? Do I need a Japanese license to rent a car? What kind of documents needed to rent a car in Japan as a foreigner and many others.

There are many cheap and discounted rental car companies in japan. Unfortunately, however, foreigners can not rent those Japanese cheap rental car companies, such as Guts rentalcar, 100Yen rentalcar, Nikoniko rentalcar and others.

So here we list up rental car companies in Japan, that foreigners can rent a car with proper documents 

1. Times rental car

2. Nippon rent a car

3. Eki rent a car

4. Nissan rent a car

5. Herz rent a car

6. Budget rent a car

7Orix rent a car

8Asahi motors

ASAHI MOTORS Rent a Car | Car Rental in Japan (