Sightseeing Taxi in Tohoku

Tohoku Sightseeing taxi or Chartered taxi

( Akita, Aomori, Sendai, Niigata, Morioka, Yamagata )

Sugawara Kanko

Sukagawa Sightseeing Taxi – Official website of Sukagawa Sightseeing Taxi. Please feel free to contact us as we also accept private reservations for sightseeing and other purposes. (

Akita chuou transport

Akita Chuo Transport (

Koyo Sightseeing Taxi

5-hour chartered sightseeing/Koyo sightseeing taxi | Koyo Corporate Group (

Koriyama Kanko Transportation

Contact Us - Koriyama Kanko Transportation Co., Ltd. (

Asahi Kanko Taxi

Asahi Kanko Taxi Co., Ltd. | Transportation in the Tohoku area | Travel Tohoku - Tohoku tourism and travel information site (

Akiho Kotsu

General taxi & sightseeing taxi [Akiu Kotsu] From Akiu Onsen to sightseeing spots in Sendai and Miyagi (

Maeda Taxi

Our waiting area and Maeda taxi | Green Kotsu | For taxis in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture (

Miyago Kanko

Sanhago Kanko Taxi Co., Ltd. (

Sendai Taxi Group

Shinko Taxi

Promotional Taxi | Community-based taxi company in Sendai City, Tagajo City, and Shiogama City (

Uonuma Kankotaxi

Taxi dispatch/reservation in Uonuma City | Kanko Taxi Co., Ltd. (

Fuji Taxi

Sightseeing Taxi | Sightseeing/Travel | Fuji Taxi Co., Ltd. (

Here are only some of them in Tohoku. There are many more sightseeing taxi companies available. If you need some more specific information on sightseeing taxi, chartered taxi and rental car with a driver in Tohoku, please ask me.

Prefectures in Tohoku

Akita, Aomori, Sendai, Niigata, Morioka, Yamagata

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