Sightseeing Taxi in Hokkaido

Hokkaido Sightseeing or Chartered taxi

Charter Japan

Charter Japan Hokkaido – Charter service in Hokkaido including Sapporo (


Tripadvisor | Private Hiace rental & driver in Hokkaido (Sapporo, Otaru, Lake Toya, Furano, etc.) provided by Easy Travel Japan | Sapporo, Japan (

Hokkaido Sightseeing Chartered

Hokkaido sightseeing chartered rate plan - [Hokkaido Ota chartered taxi] (

Heart Taxi Travel

Heart Taxi Travel | Sightseeing taxi in Hokkaido and Sapporo (

MK Taxi

観光タクシー|札幌MK (

Hokkaido Taxi Tourism

Hokkaido taxi tourismMark One Style (

Sapporo Personal Taxi Association

Sapporo Personal Taxi Association [Sightseeing Course List] | Take a sightseeing taxi to travel around Hokkaido. (

Smile Taxi

SMILE TAXI ( DOUNAN HIRE ) Official Website (

Sapporo Sightseeing Taxi

Sapporo Sightseeing Taxi – Sapporo sightseeing by taxi (

Chartered Jumbo Taxi

Chartered Jumbo Taxi (

Taisho Kotsu

Sightseeing taxi planObihiro taxi company “Taisho Kotsu” (

Asahikawa joint Taxi

Asahikawa joint taxi (

Obihiro Hire

Taxi company in Obihiro City [Obihiro Hire Co., Ltd.] (

Here are only some of them in Hokkaido. There are many more sightseeing taxi companies available. If you need some more specific information on sightseeing taxi, chartered taxi and rental car with a driver, please ask me.

Cities in Hokkaido

Asahikawa, Obihiro, Sapporo, Kushiro, Chitose, Otaru,

Hakodade, Furano and other cities

I will provide you more Sightseeing taxi or Chartered taxi companies for any specific locations in Hokkaido.

By choosing the right one, you may save hundreds of dollars for your Sightseeing taxi or Chartered taxi.

In fact I will find you the cheapest and best the best deal of Sightseeing taxi in Tohoku so that you could save a certain amount of money with lots of comfortableness. 

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