Dear visitors on this site,

I can help your travel to Japan with pleasure.

Thank you for visiting on my site and I hope you will enjoy in visiting Japan. I receive a certain amount of mails every month requesting me to check rental cars ( many different type of cars ) and other requests in Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Fukuoka and many locations in Japan.

Rental car

Sightseeing Taxi

Sightseeing Bus

RV (camping car)

Drift car rental

Fuji Speedway Racing car rental

Sightseeing Guide  

I do not response on those requesting mails unfortunately because I am not travel agency in Japan. In fact I simple run several websites for business and have no time to check or research your requests for free.

In fact I have checked and researched quite number of visitor's request in a past and sent back information to visitor's emails so far. But nothing happened after sending information they want. I run this site for business, not for volunteer, please understand this.

If you send me mail requesting on checking rental cars or others in Japan, please keep in remind that you will receive no response from me. Again I am not a volunteer, but I run this site for business.

So if you want to know some specific information concerning rental cars or others in Japan, please pay me $50 in advance by paypal. I will send you as many accurate information on your requesting as possible, mostly those information available in Japanese only, not English so that you will get the best deals in the renting cars and others in Japan, which could save your travel budgets in Japan.

It will also bring more pleasure and excitement for your trip to Japan. Information that I provide you will be available Japanese only that give you many information and can pick up the best deals which is not available in English.

Providing you information on rental cars and others in Japan and can book the car that you like to rent.

I will provide you Cheapest and most comfortable

Rental car

Sightseeing Taxi

Sightseeing Bus

RV (camping car)

at your desired location in Japan 

The service cost only      : $50

The services I provide for you.

This is what I do for your requests.

  1. I check and provide you information on what exactly you want.

  2. I also provide you information on the similar types of cars or services available in Japan.

  3. I will send information on 3 different types of what you exactly you want with the prices and specifications.

  4. I will also send information on 3 different types of the similar types of cars or services available in Japan with the prices and specifications.

  5. You compare those information and decide what you want and inform me of your decision.

  6. I make reservation on what you exactly want.

These services cost only $50 dollars.

For travel agents in foreign countries.

I receive mails from travel agents in overseas requesting to check or research something on rental cars in Japan.

I am willing to work with your travel agent to provide as many information as possible with very accurate and help to arrange with a Japanese rental car or bus companies for your specific requests, which will be very beneficial for your business.

I will also provide you many beneficial information on rental cars or buses to your business that is only available in Japanese, not English.

I am willing to work with you on fixed or case by case payment. So if you need your representative office in Japan, I am here to assist and support as your travel agent in Japan.

I strongly believe that number of visitors to Japan will

continuously grow for now and for future. I recently have a chance to visit the travel conference and have opportunities to talk with foreigners who come from all over the world, North America, Central and South America, many Asian countries, European countries and Australia.

The services I provide for you company.

It is the same as services I provide to the individual customer. If you need further information or services, please inform to me so that I can provide further services to your company.