Services for foreign users to get the best deals for car rental

What we offer to foreigner is to provide services and information on the cheapest rental car, rental bus and RV rental in Japan.

Our services

1. Find the cheapest car rental deals in Japan

2. Find the cheapest weekly or monthly car rental deals in Japan

3. Find the best RV rental deals in Japan

4. Find the best drift car rental, formula racing car rental, racing cart rental deal.

5. Find the cheapest truck for moving or commercial uses with or without a drive

Service fee ------ $10

The cost includes

1. 3~5 best car rental deals for the specific date and location that you request for

2. make a reservation on your specific date and location to the rental car company

3. No additional fee occurred for any changes in schedules

4. supporting service during your drive

-We always check the rates of the Japanese rental car companies

-Quick and easy rental rate and vehicle comparisons

-Lowest price guarantee

Get the cheapest car hire in Japan!

compact car     5 days

Major rental car companies

Toyota rent a car    30,780 Yen ( $280 )

Nissan rent a car         35,532 Yen ( $323 )

Nippon rent a car        30,780 Yen ( $280 )

Low cost rental car companies

100 Yen rent a car     19,800 Yen ( $180 )

Guts rent a car         15,000 Yen ( $136 )

Niko Niko rent a car  19,000 Yen ( $172 )

One’s rent a car         18,900 Yen ( $172 )

$100 difference
You can save at least $90 after subtracting $10 of our service fee.

Use your money wisely and be smart !

Service fee ------ $10

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