Types of rental vehicles available in Japan

1. Subcompact cars

2. Compact cars

3. Minivans

4. Vans

5. Full size Sedans

6. Luxury cars

7. Sports cars

8. Trucks

9. Buses

10. RVs

11. Drift cars

12. Formula racing cars

13. Racing carts

14. Trucks for moving

15. Trucks for commercial uses

Subcompact  Cars

Compact cars


Minivan Rental Japan

When you have a big family or a big party for a trip to Japan, you may need more room for the family or friend to fit the number of people and a minivan rental would be a solution to have more space to share, giving them more comfortable with a large space of rental minivan for the trip, no matter where you go and how long you stay in Japan.

In fact you will love the spaces luggage room and large passenger capacity, that will bring how much a minivan rental could add to your trip to Japan more enjoyable.

In addition to being comfortable and spacious for the inside of the car, van rental are less expensive than other car rental by summing up the total costs, thus you will be able to save a lot of money when you rent a minivan in Japan. 


Benefits of Renting a Minivan in Japan

Traveling with a big party or a big family could cause some headaches, moving one place to another with many people in a foreign country particularly in Japan, it will create some concerns, for example time schedules and safety. The fact is renting a minivan will be ideal for safety and money saving.

Plenty of space by renting minivan will give passengers more comfortable and options, particularly more luggage and more spaces for kids who need spaces to play with. Or you many bring big stuff for camping or purchase many gifts for your family or friends at home.


Van rental Japan

Every year, number of visitors, tourist or business traveller, coming to Japan has been increased dramatically. Group tourists, particularly, start interesting in renting passenger van rental visiting famous landscapes or popular attractions in the various Japanese locations including Hokkaido, Kyushu, Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto.

In fact Vans or SUVs are the perfect transportation for large families and groups for getting around those beautiful and famous beach, parks or places with no hassle. Van rentals in Japan also saves a lot of time consuming for arranging big group and money for moving one place to another by passenger vans that easily accommodate up to 9 or 12 individuals with a lot of space in the seats and cargo.

Just take a look at affordable Japan van rental with competitively low rates. It has lots of options, just for the day, weekend or weeks with a fleet of passenger van rental models in Kyushu, Tokyo, Osaka or Hokkaido. Enjoy unbelievable beautiful landscapes in Japan with your group or families by van rentals.


Find the perfect RV rental for your vacation to Japan 

Feel the beauty of the nature and enjoy in camping with family or friends

On your vacation to Japan, there will be no better way than renting an RV taking a trip to beautiful country side, BBQ party, family gathering or special event.

In fact growing number of foreign visitor to Japan take advantage of renting an RV, hit the road and visit campgrounds or parks to see or to do unbelievable experiences on their trip.

There are many beautiful and enjoyable public lands available, lakes, rivers, forests, oceans, mountains, camping and much more for your unforgettable experiences to your Japanese trip.

Get off the road and go out the nature.



Drift cars

Formula racing cars

Racing carts